Living one of my Greatest Dreams

Emily Solano Masis
Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
Tropical Biology– Summer 2023
Nothing but joy on the Stone Bridge at La Selva

Being a Costa Rican, the concept of biodiversity has been ingrained in me since my childhood. Today, I am living one of my greatest dreams as a Biology major at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica and as a student of OTS enrolled in the Tropical Biology course. This remarkable opportunity allows me to delve into the tropical marvels of my homeland by visiting various research stations throughout Costa Rica. Currently, I am spending a week at the renowned “La Selva Research Station,” a place that has already expanded my knowledge in unimaginable ways. In this short period, I have encountered an incredible array of species, many of which were entirely new to me. The wealth of knowledge I have acquired during my stay is as vast as the multitude of species I have witnessed.

There have been countless captivating moments, from comprehending how ecology applies to the tropics and unraveling the intricacies of the tropical rainforest, to discovering the diverse species that inhabit La Selva and observing their interactions. Birds, insects, amphibians, and more have become familiar to me through this enriching experience.

A Little Wonder of the Night: Agalychnis callidryas

One of the highlights has been sharing this journey with like-minded individuals who share my profound passion for nature. Whether it is my fellow students, OTS professors, or the dedicated staff, their companionship has made each step even more meaningful.

Now, this is merely the inception of my exploration, and I eagerly anticipate further unveiling the wonders of the place I proudly call home.


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